WRO 99 - media art biennale

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Out of 811 entries from 38 countries from all over the world, the selection committee have selected 69 works (listed below) for WRO 99 competition screenings.

Click on the titles to watch the previews.


Sleep by Merylin Fairskye
Cheap Blonde by Janet Merewether
Rapt by Justine Cooper
Paranoid by John Brigden


Black Flag by Istvan Kantor
Angel by Wayne Yung
Stand by Your Man by Stefan St-Laurent
Alien Kisses by Dara Gellman
Far reaches by Shawn Cappelle
In My Car by Mike Hoolboom
Theory by Leslie Peters
Mar...(Sea...) by Joanna Empain


One way to see America by Kai Kaljo


Triad Netdance Remix by Marikki Hakola
Artist's Dillema by Roi Vaara
Ulkomat by Samuli Alapuranen


A Viagem by Christian Boustiani
Silicose Vallee by Didier Guyard
Domino by Geoffroy Barbet Massin
Mémoire(s) by Gérard Cairaschi
7 Chants/ 7 Songs by Lydie Jaen-Dit-Pannel
Hot spectrum by Cécile Babiole
Rue Francis by Francois Vogel
Avec le temps by Herve Huitric, Monique Nahas


Nocturne by Anne Huber
Stoerungen by Annebarbe Kau
Drama, Strings & Horns by Gunter Krueger
No Sunshine by Bjoern Melhus
Folder by Volker Schreiner


Mapby Sarosi Anita


I live you by Yonatan Vinitski


Robo Robo by Yasuro Kurita
Nyotaku by Shinsuke Ina
Crossing by Yoshihisa Nakanishi


Very Hopeful by Martins Ratniks


Survival Signs by Mounir Fatmi


Transformation of Sound Into Image and Image Into Sound by Lilia Dragneva, Lucia Macari


Legenda by Jacek Szleszynski
Porombluny Mechanizm Kuszenia/Hoptheglow Mechanism Of Temptation by Wspolnota Leezec
Phototape by Grzegorz Grzesik
Monofobia by Maciej Bieganski
25fps by 25 FPS (Hanna Najbar, Pawel Janicki)
Binary notes by Barbara Konopka
Pamietasz by Adam Kossakowski
Potopia by Andrzej Urbanski


Anghemacht Frei by Calin Man


Some Like It Without Sugar by Andrej Velikanov (Andrej Gagarin)
DSM by Andrey Ventslova


Man On Ice, With Balls Attached To Hands And Feet by Lars Siltberg


Couple by Hanspeter Ammann
Empty Trash by Hercli Bundi


LMX Spiral by Richard Wright
Bad Day by Louisa Fitch
Dust by Anthony Atanasio
White Screens by Rose Kowalski
Ich Tank (version 4) by David Larcher


Empire Of Passion by Miroslav Kulchitsky, Vadim Checkorsky


The Morphology of Desire by Robert Arnold
Transmission by Jennifer & Kevin McCoy
Stillnessby Lydia Moyer
Downtime by Anita Cheng, Ronaldo Kiel
Nevermind by Jennifer Reeder
Suspension by Anthony Discenza
99 Men by Ho Tam
Orphics 6.1 by Edward Zajec
Token Cityby Muriel Magenta, Michael Udow
Revolt of the mases by Castigliano Qamontez


The Landscapes by Production Radisic/Trkulja
Mécanique Folie by Lilie Ewgraphovitich/Maxi